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Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting: It is easy for small business owners to find themselves overwhelmed with company accounting. Whether you're the head of an emerging startup, or you have been around for some time, LKJG, Inc. DBA James M Tilbrook CPA can help you manage your finances. We serve Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach. Contact us now at (904) 477-3369 to request our small business accounting services. Our accounting consultants are eager to assist you. Call Us Today.

What Our Accounting Services Can Do for You

What Our Accounting Services Can Do for You: We do more than add up the numbers at the end of a fiscal quarter. We work alongside you to minimize financial setbacks and maximize continuous financial growth. By closely working alongside your company, we understand all there is to know about your business. With this insider knowledge, we help you grow. We grow a custom accounting ecosystem catered to your current and future business needs. We maintain and catalog relevant documents and chart of accounts for your business, such as:
Bank and income statements (revenue, cost of sales, labor), Overhead expenses (rent and operational expenses), Assets and liabilities (equipment costs and loans), And Equities (owner compensation). Would you like to learn more about our services? Call LKJG, Inc. DBA James M Tilbrook CPA today to learn more. We'd love to work with you.

Accounting Consultants for Small Businesses

Accounting Consultants for Small Businesses: It is essential to remain attuned to every aspect of your business. A successful business needs to have all of their financial information on hand if they want to journey down the path of success. By consulting us regularly or trusting us to handle the bookkeeping, you'll never be short on detailed financial data. When investors inquire about previous financial quarters, you'll have detailed records to give them. In the business world, this level of professionalism is highly valued. What's more, it never goes unrewarded.

The Versatile Small Business Accountants

The Versatile Small Business Accountants: Regardless of whether you are using cash, accrual, or tax basis accounting methods, we make sure every transaction is accounted and noted. Like we said, having well-balanced books is more than just preparing for tax season. It is about presenting yourself professionally. Upon request, we can show you ways to handle the daily transactions, so no information is lost throughout the workweek. Our trusted accountants can also help set up a custom system that allows you to send invoices, take payments, and set payment reminders. When your books are balanced, business is always good.

Speak to a Small Business Accounting Consultant Today

Speak to a Small Business Accounting Consultant Today: Contact us at (904) 477-3369 today to get started or to learn more about our variety of business accounting services. We cannot wait to work with you. Contact Us.

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